The most recent meeting of the Spanish Springs Mystery Book had a small turn out, but we had a lot to talk about.  And we’re so glad Maureen stopped by, even if it was only long enough to get next month’s book.

We all agreed that the Dark Horse by Craig Johnson was an enjoyable read and that the characters were entertaining.  This was the fifth in the Walt Longmire series and while some references to previous books were a little confusing, they generally added to the layers of character development.  We also talked about Walt Longmire’s obscure literary references, Wyoming’s open spaces as a character and the interesting hint contained within the cover art.  We did find the clue that blows the case open to be just a little far-fetched, but the willing suspension of disbelief is just part of reading fiction.

We also discussed electronic readers.  Pam had just finished reading Dark Horse on her Kindle while on vacation and she found it difficult to flip back to earlier portions of the book to refresh her memory about who a character was and it was hard to look ahead to see when a chapter or even the book ended.  Additionally, the flow from page to page was awkward and cumbersome.
It was agreed that while the technology was interesting, none of us were eager to give up the printed page. 
The group also needs to come up with a list of titles for the upcoming year and after much discussion, it was decided that we should read a general mix of cozy, true crime and foreign titles. 

After the meeting, Pam and Joan decided to each pick six titles, based on the suggestions from the group and the availability in the Washoe County Library’s catalogue.

Pam suggested two books to the members – Tilt-A-Whirl by Chris Grabenstein and The Likeness by Tana French.  Please see the sidebar for additional information.