Oh goody!  A Flapper Era romp in England!  Seven of us gathered to discuss this month’s mystery.  Pam brought tea and super deluxe chocolaty/peanut buttery Rice Krispy Treats.

Our choice of Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen was perfect for the busy holiday season.  It was easy to read and most of us raced through it and Pam found it so entertaining, she moved on to the next one in the series!

Set in 1932, during Britain’s Great Depression, our heroine is Lady Georgiana, 34th in line for the British throne, who, due to the crash of ’29, doesn’t have two nickels to rub together and must fend for herself in the wilds of London high society.  All without the help of a maid!  Horrors!

I follow Rhys Bowen’s blog and got the wild idea to send her an e-mail asking for questions for the Book Club to discuss.  Ms. Bowen was gracious enough to send back a prompt answer with the requested questions.  Here’s a copy of our correspondence.


As you can see, we’re best friends now.  😉

Here are some of our comments to Ms. Bowen’s questions.  We had a great time with this.

  • In what ways is Lady Georgiana an outsider in her own environment?  She doesn’t have any money; she knows how she’s supposed to act, but doesn’t like to toe the line and act proper. 
  • Is she too naive and sheltered to survive in the real world?  No.
  • What do you think of Darcy O’Mara? Is he right for Georgie?  Yes (Yummy!).
  • This is not essentially a historical novel and yet it is set in a difficult time in history. What elements in the book give us a feeling for the period?  References to the war and the crash of ’29, fashion, the nicknames of some of the characters, language.
  • There is no dead body for one hundred pages. Would you call this a mystery? Yes.  A comedy of manners?  Yes.
  • There are a lot of real “characters” in this book. Who is your favorite character: Georgie’s mother? Her grandfather? Brother? Sister-in-law? Belinda? Darcy?  We loved Georgie and her grandfather and thought the sister-in-law was perfectly dreadful.


 Pam’s Pick was Dead Simple by Peter James and Book Club Member Jan raved about J.D. Robb’s Born in Death.  See the sidebar for details.