What the Dead Know


What the Dead Know

Our book this month was What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman and I thought it was AMAZING!  I had barely started it when I had lunch with another book club member, and she had already finished it.  She raved about how great it was and I could tell she was dying to talk about it, but I wouldn’t let her.  At the time, I had barely started it, but was already sucked into the heads of the different characters and eager to know more.

The multiple twists actually made me gasp out loud.  Always the sign of a good story.

We had an excellent meeting of the group and even saw some new faces.  Pam brought strawberry pie.  Everything’s better with pie! 

Everyone really liked the book and while most of us found it a little confusing, initially, to jump from head to head and from time to time, we got used to it and found it to be a really enthralling way to tell the story. 

Other book clubs had posted comments on the internet about this month’s selection:

“Our group, for the most part, found this book to be somewhat predictable and not very believable.”

“Two of our members figured out part of the ending!”

The general consensus in our group was that those other groups are full of hooey.  We loved it!

Working from questions specific to What the Dead Know, we discussed whether it was cheating for the author to withhold information at the beginning.  The general consensus was that the author told the story the way the story had to be told.  It could really only unfold one way. 

Then we discussed which characters we thought were evil.  We all agreed that the son was evil.  And creepy.  And the son’s mother was generally condemned because of the feeling that if it hadn’t been for her, there would have been a different story.  And one other character was deemed to be skanky and not very nice.

Pam’s Picks is Laura Lippman’s first Tess Monaghan mystery, as seen in the sidebar.  Pam also recommended Tim Cockey’s Hitchcock Sewell series whose main character has been deemed by one critic to be “the love child of Cary Grant and Groucho Marx.”  The titles are: The Hearse You Came in On, Hearse of Different Color, Hearse Case Scenario, Murder in the Hearse Decree, Backstabber.

Next month there may be food!

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