I enjoyed this book for many reasons — I’ve been to some of the places mentioned and so I can picture the area; I thought the characters were interesting and wanted to learn more about them; and I found the Navajo mythology intriguing.

But I did find it a little confusing to have two main characters, two characters trying to solve the same crime, but coming at it from different directions.

I haven’t read a Tony Hillerman before, so I wasn’t sure if they were both good guys or if one of them was really a bad guy.  And then to find out they’re both good guys was puzzling.  Why not focus on just one?

But it also made me want to read prior books in the series and see just how these guys got to this point in the timeline.

The group, as a whole, thought the Navajo cultural references were very interesting, particularly the spiritual aspects.  The choice for favorite character was almost unanimously Chee, though many other characters in the story were thought to be very interesting.

Nearly everybody in the group enjoyed the book, so we gave it a lot of stars.


Next up it’s back to the future with the first in J.D. Robb’s “Death” series.