MummyOne of our members likened this book to an Agatha Christie, where there’s a slow story with lots of character development and you expect Poirot to show up at any time.  Because of that, she liked the book.  Others found it to be an easy read.

But some of the louder members of the group argued that they didn’t find any of the characters likeable.  Claire was labeled as spineless and her rescue of the “kidnapped” American was frustratingly stupid.  Her husband was a cad for disappearing all the time while on their honeymoon, and the manners of the hotel crowd were awful.

Sittermann was creepy, though someone did liken him to a court jester.  Alexander was pushy and Salima was at least a little entertaining.  Abdullah was intriguing, with his possible depth of character, but we never got any satisfaction in that area.

The daughter was labeled as the only character that was believable and we had to agree with that.  We didn’t like her any more than we liked any of the other characters, but we’ve all known pissy teenagers.

The murder mystery was weak, with no bodies showing up until well into the book.  As a travelogue, it was weak, with the characters showing more interest in the shops than in the antiquities.

When the group was asked about whether they had ever not finished a book and why, we learned that some members press on, no matter what, while others stop reading if the characters are unlikeable, or if the story is not compelling enough.  True crime books that scared the poop out of people were also named as unfinishable.  And some people don’t even start something if there’s going to be too much graphic violence. 

My aren’t we an opinionated group!

2 stars