Kaminsky1We previously read a Stuart Kaminsky, one in his Russian series (here’s a link).  While we mostly enjoyed it, it was tough going with the classic Russian overabundance of characters. 

The Dead Don’t Lie is the 10th, and last, in the Abe Lieberman series set in Chicago with a gritty, noire feel to it.  Everyone is labeled and put into a box – Abe is a Jew that his partner calls “Rabbi”.  The partner is Irish Catholic who Abe calls “Father Murph”.  The first victim is a Turk.

Interestingly enough, we learned that this is a very true representation of what Chicago is like, with large ethnic neighborhoods and everyone sporting a label.  Of course, then the discussion turned to ethnic food, which this group seems to really like.

There were two mysteries for our heroes, which we found kind of odd.  Our heroes are partners, yet they don’t work on the same case together.

We enjoyed the writing, the snappy diaglogue, the cultural bits.  I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the gang of thugs who were going after the Camel.

The boxers who decide to start mugging were declared to be very believable, even when everything starts going wrong.

Favorite character?  Abe, Bess (who David said represented the concept of die Küche, die Kirche, die Kinder” (kitchen, church, and children)), and the Jewish community.

Least favorite?  Smarmy Omar Meham/George Macrapolis, Mr. Woo, nursing staff (I mean, how stoopid are they?  Did they learn nothing from the Duchess of Cambridge Incident?)