christinefalls-3dBoy, we did not like this book!  It was declared to be predictable with no likeable characters.  It was all rather dreary and depressing.  People skipped portions (guilty!), skimmed and generally treated the book like it was homework and required reading, not something to be read for enjoyment.

Pam was the only one who liked it (three stars), while the rest of us declared the author’s ambition to write with “the kind of denseness and thickness that poetry has” was not entertaining and we wholeheartedly agreed with his comment from Wikipedia wherein he says of his books “I hate them all … I loathe them.”

Favorite character?  Andy.  He knew who he was and was unapologetic.  Josh’s wife Rose.  She was refreshingly honest.  Sister Anselm, who tried to fight the system, but was an integral part of the system.

Least favorite?  Mal.  What a cold fish.  Phoebe was a manipulating tease.  Quirke.  Just don’t care about him.  And is Quirke his first name or his last name?  And if it’s his last name, what’s his first name?  Andy the creep.

Joan did give everyone something to think about when she asked if Mal had killed Christine Falls on purpose.  He was there at the delivery, wasn’t he?  This was his father’s lovechild, so did he kill the mother in order to keep the sainted father’s image clean and unsullied?

And was Dolly Quirke’s mother?  By the sainted father?  Hmmmm. 

But no one wants to read the next in the series to learn more about these people.