braided_lgWe mostly enjoyed this book. People thought it was easy read and an interesting story. There were complaints about how the author repeated herself and included minutiae that didn’t necessarily contribute to the story, but on the whole, we gave it a thumbs up.

Some (okay, it was me) found the flashback scenes disturbing, seeing as how we know that something bad happens to the girl and there was a discussion about how the girl’s braided hair symbolized her wrapping up all her worries.  We liked that imagery.

She’d pulled it back and worked it into a single braid — working all of the troubles and problems, all of the uncertainties into the braid that hung almost to her waist.  Putting the troubles away for a while, she’d told herself.  Yet it was the braid that made her stand out, look different, even though she’d worn a red headband, like the others.  She should have left her hair hanging loose.

 We generally agreed that Les probably knew who the bad guy was very early on, because Les is good that way.  But most of us were surprised.  And all of us had an eye out for the grown up baby.

The reservation bits rang true, if terribly depressing. It was interesting to note that while the women of the rez have a lot of power, they still have too much to fear. 

And the historical side of the story were interesting, though most of us had no memory of the details of the occupations and activists involved.

Favorite character? Walks On. It’s not about the catching, it’s about the running. It’s not the goal, it’s the journey. We also liked Father O’Malley and his continuing battle with alcohol. It made for interesting character detail, as did his attraction to Vicky.  I liked how he found comfort in his faith and he was there to do good, even if there were only six people at mass and he was always emptying his pockets for the drunk guy.

Of course, Vicky kept going places she shouldn’t and some of us wanted to yell at her, but what are you gonna do?

Least favorite? Adam. It was like pulling teeth to get his support and a partner shouldn’t be like that.  Jake.  Mister.  Neither of them were terribly likeable.

3 stars