This was very much a police procedural, which is not everyone’s favorite thing. The detectives go here, they go there, they go all over California.  Multiple times.

And while the title suggests that the blind man is going to do something big, his part in the story ends up falling short.  Yes, he’s a integral part of identifying the bad guys, but he gets hung out by the police, he’s dismissed as a wacko, he doesn’t really “bluff” his way out of anything, and, to be honest, with the title, we thought he’d be more important, maybe even one of the bad guys.  Instead, he’s just a naked guy under the bed.  Not particularly thrilling and the blind guy could have been a little more authoritative, instead of just calling and hanging up and feeling put upon.

The group swung wildly from really liking the book to not liking it much at all.  But the difference seems to have stemmed from the fact that some of us had read prior books in the series and knew the characters better.  For those of us who hadn’t read anything before, we found the characters flat and not terribly interesting.  There are a lot of other books in the series (this is No. 18), but even so, we felt there should have been some growth here, beyond Decker’s realization that his daughter doesn’t hate him.

Additionally, some of us thought there were too many characters, and we had difficulty keeping track of them.  Or even caring about them.

Favorite characters – Decker, but mostly because he at least stood out. The rest of the characters were just bits of clothing.  Rina and the blind man.

Least favorite characters – The blind guy was declared to be creepy.  Rina was kind of an idiot to stick her nose into things.  It felt like Rina was inserted into the story to amp up the tension, and then the danger thing doesn’t really pan out.

Les and Nancy chimed in with their opinions, both with thumbs up.