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We had a lively discussion at the meeting because we all seemed to have different ideas and opinions.  That’s always fun.

People liked reading the local references and the information about Cave Rock history and mustangs.  Others found it to be an information dump, probably because they already knew it.  We found the mystery intriguing and the story compelling,

There were a lot of red herrings, which kept us on our toes and none of us really figured out who the bad guy was until the end.  That’s always fun.  We did feel there was an abundance of stereotypical characters – smarmy rich guy, bimbo, nerd, rednecks, annoying little girl — but at least they didn’t all run together into one bland character.

We had a lively discussion about the symbolism of the mustang, but never really agreed on anything.

Ryan was portrayed well with his little twitches and whatnot.  The little girl is too perfect, though.  Except, for you know, the cancer thing.

The slimy bad guy was well-written, if a bit of a caricature, what with the uber-rich, smarmy, girlfriend-beating ways.  And the girlfriend was just too ridiculous and her change of heart was too easy.

And what was with the cowboys in the hills?  Just annoying redneck red herrings?

We felt like there was a lot of running around and place name dropping.  The mystery was interesting, though.  We didn’t feel like we got enough follow up information on how the girl died, though.  She fell, she broke her arm, she laid around awhile before dying.  What puts the murderer there?

And the piano tuner?  We wanted that clue to be clearer.  Our brains started freezing up with all the math and whatnot.

Favorite characters were the dog, Owen, Heat the horse, and Ryan.

Least favorite characters were the rich guy, J.J., the beer can guys, the little girl (Joan was harsh!), Ryan.


We are also beginning to commence to think about our book list for next year and are starting to throw some author’s names around.  If you have any suggestions, post them here in the comment area, or drop me an e-mail.  Joan