WhimOh, we had a lively discussion about this book, even though some people didn’t read it, some didn’t get into it until many pages in, and some didn’t finish it.

Pam was the only person who has read the author’s other series and she really likes it.  This book, however, didn’t come up to snuff for her because of the fondness she has for Dr. Siri, his humor and the mysticism in the series.

For the rest of us, some found it hard, initially, to get into this book.  The setting, the language, and many of the references were completely unfamiliar.  But pressing on ended up being very rewarding.

We loved the language, yet scrambled to remember lines that had leaped out at us.

Great quotes that Joan marked:

P. 146 – “But I have sacrilegious ideas rushing through my mind all the time like a continuous, graffiti-laden subway train passing through a station.”

P. 202 – “We sipped our drinks.  The tonic barely troubled the vodka.”

P. 224 – “Koon Meng was about my height but skinny as an ink line.”

And of course, the cast of characters were wildly entertaining.  All of the characters were so well drawn and usually in just a few quick strokes.  Even the land and the countryside become characters, and (SPOILER ALERT!) it turns out to be the river that is the “murderer” of the couple in the VW.

The mysteries are interesting, though a little weird, but then again, there’s a weird touch to everything in this book.  We also found the George W. Bush quotes at the beginning of every chapter both very strange and very entertaining.

Joan was overwhelmed by a Skinny Cow buzz and forgot to ask those annoying questions she always asks:  Favorite character?  Least favorite character?

Here are her choices, since she has no one else’s.  Make a comment below if you disagree!

Favorite character?  Gosh, so many to choose from.  Granddad Jah, Mair, Auntie Chainawat, Chompu, Jimm.

Least favorite?  Jimm.  Yes, in both categories.  I liked her take on the world around her, but she can be such a beeyotch.  And mean!

4 stars