lg-11thHourThis was a short and sweet discussion because nearly everyone had read at least some of this series and nearly everyone LOVEDLOVEDLOVED the book.  Out of eight attendees, we had five 5-star reviews.  Hard to have a lively discussion when everyone agrees!

We enjoyed this book and found it to be a fast and compelling read.  Such short chapters!  Those of us who hadn’t read any of this series, however, found it a little disconcerting to not know who or what the narrator was.  For the first couple of chapters, we didn’t have a clue, so that was odd.

We found the San Francisco location interesting, and the characters entertaining.  There were, however, a few too many caricatures – the smarmy journalist, the hippy dippy living a life of seclusion, the movie star, the husband who is just too good to be true.

And speaking of the husband and that whole subplot – yes, the husband was too nice to be true and felt very one-dimensional.  But the main character’s reaction to the alleged affair felt very real.  Her insecurities about them as a couple, her pregnancy, and her immediate belief in what another woman was telling her, all rang true, but as a detective, we found it hard to believe that she would believe EVERYTHING the woman told her.  And then not even grill the husband?  Really?  Grilling people is her bread and butter.  You would have thought that she would have gotten down with that.

Favorite character – Lindsey, reporter woman, and the vigilante cop.  We liked how he was really the most well-rounded character in the book and we could totally understand his motivation.

Least favorite character – Smarmy reporter guy, Blaney, and the woman in D.C.

4.5 stars