baskervilles_000-119wdf1Thrills and chills and escaped convicts on the moors!  Well, the group really liked this month’s selection, which surprised Joan.  In the past, the classics have trashed because of their, well, classicness — slow-moving, chatty.

But this had universal themes of good vs. evil, city vs. country, rich vs. poor.  Great atmosphere on the moors, classic sleuthing, and thrilling scenes all added to a spine-tingling read.  Joan particularly loved the scene when Holmes is silhouetted against the moon.  Wonderful.  And the creepy pony-eating swamp?  Great!

We learned that the audio version even had some creepy music and hound sounds!

One of our group was influenced by remembering the old Basil Rathbone version, too. 

Favorite characters – Watson, who Les called “The Brains of the Outfit”, Mortimer, for his sympathy and concern for his favorite, and Jack Stapleton, because he was the most multi-dimensional.

Least favorite – Miss Stapleton, and Frankland the Crank, the guy who sued everyone.  Joan also wasn’t a big fan of Holmes.  She thought he was a condescending prat.  Brilliant and entertaining, but still a prat.

3.5But it was closer to four stars.