Pigeon EnglishThis was a very different book and we all initially struggled with the writing style.  In the end, though, we all agreed that it was worth the effort to get to know Harri.

We had a long discussion about the pigeon and what it represented.  There was some discussion about “magical realism” in connection with the pigeon, but we mostly didn’t know what to make of it.  We also were a little confused about who the murderer was because it’s not perfectly clear.

We loved the very interesting and often funny look at the way young boys think about family, growing up, and solving a murder.  The story looked at peer pressure on many different levels, why a family would move from Ghana to the “good life” of a sucky London community, and just what goes on in the head of an 11-year old.  The ending was “hutious”, though.

Our favorite characters were  Harri, the pigeon (Joan loved his philosophical observations), Lydia, Agnes.

Least favorite?  Julius, Dizzy, X-Fire, and Miquita.

3 stars