We didn’t have many people at this meeting, and we didn’t have much to say about this book, but we all liked it.  It must be easier to talk about something you DON’T like, than to go on and on about something you do.

This was written by husband and wife team Aimée and David Thurlo and we found it fascinating that we couldn’t tell where one started writing and where the other left off.  Very tricky.

We liked the Southwest locale because many of us have been in the area.  And a Tony Hillerman fan was pleased to find a new author who writes something similar to his work.

Others were drawn to the female investigators.  So many police procedurals involve men and they liked this change.

Members of our group found this to be an easy read, suspenseful and entertaining.  We discussed how four different religions/philosophy/spiritual belief systems were presented and woven into the story.  Christian and radical Christian themes bumped up against Navajo traditional and neo-traditional beliefs and culture, and were nicely presented in the story.

At the time, we couldn’t remember what “Turquoise Girl” referenced and while I promised to dig around and find out what it meant, short of re-reading the book, I was never able to clarify that.  If someone else remembers what it means, let me know!

Favorite characters were the heroine Ella Clah, Teeny, the FBI guy, and Ella’s brother Clifford.

Least favorite characters were Caleb and Brewster, who was just creepy.


Also, because our meeting date in April falls on the same day as Easter, we have decided to move our meeting up a week.  In April, we’ll be meeting on April 13th, NOT April 20th.  I’ll send another reminder, but mark your calendars.