Murder at Ford's Theatre

After a lot scurrying around and shuffling of chairs, our group met a week earlier than normal in the Shared Study Room.  Lots of chairs and a small table made our normal group look like a huge crowd!

Margaret Truman was President Harry Truman’s daughter.  She was a prolific author, as well as an opera singer.

Just about everyone really, really liked this month’s selection and there were only a few sour grapes.

The people who didn’t like it are writers themselves and had issues with a particular point in the story when everything came to a screeching halt.

Others in the group enjoyed it for its interesting story and readability.  The city was well-presented and people found it fun to recognize places they had visited.

Joan readily admitted that she doesn’t like police procedurals and then was surprised to learn that while this is part of a series of mysteries set in Washington, D.C., the ongoing characters were NOT the police officers.  The series follows Mac and Annabel Smith, two characters who felt incidental to the plot and were not integral parts of the action. Joan was also surprised to have picked out the murderer almost from the get go. She NEVER does that! Could it be because she was not swept away by this story and so analyzed it more?

We agreed that most of the characters were unlikable, particularly Clarise, the Senator and their son. But on the flip side, we found these particular characters to be pretty true to life. Sydney Bancroft was a favorite character, even if he was a caricature.

We also wondered what really made Clarise leave town, because that action seemed out of character.

We also tried to discuss Washington, D.C. as a character in the story. Joan threw the idea out there, but it didn’t really stick.

Favorite characters were Lincoln, Klayman, Sydney Bancroft, Mac, Mo and The Beast, Mac and Annabel’s dog.

Least favorite characters were Clarise, the Senator, Crowley and Jeremiah.

3 stars