The_Waters_Lovely-200x312Wow, another book that went over like a lead balloon. Joan didn’t attend the meeting, so this is Pam’s report, as told to Joan.

Nobody really liked this book, but everyone sure had a lot to talk about!  The group found the characters really unlikable and the mystery was not compelling.

Joan did liked how the different plot lines were woven together and then the characters all became interconnected.

Favorite characters: Heather, because she was so straightforward and grounded.  Joan liked the relationship between her and Edmund.  Others like Fowler and Marion. 

Least favorite – Andrew, almost unanimously.  Ivan, the mother-in-law, Ismay, Marion with her schemes and skipping (Joan wanted to slap her SO MANY TIMES!).

The contrast between Ismay and Eve was interesting.  Eve was portrayed as so frail, helpless, and entitled, but in many ways, Ismay was exactly the same way, except for the entitled part. She was nothing without Andrew and convinced that Heather had done what she did to protect her.

The rest of the characters were just kind of sad and pathetic. Barry with his India stuff, the mom and her dementia and ranting, Pamela and her desperation.  So many of the characters were just nasty and their psychological issues were disturbing.