sour pussThis is the 14th in the Mrs. Murphy series and while we found it to be an easy read, we didn’t really like it. Members of our group didn’t think the story was believable and thought it took a long time for anything to happen. The author’s long-winded lectures on wine-making, bio-terrorism, politics, and the gloriousness of Virginia, while interesting, got a little old, as did the concept of small town vs. outsiders. Some of characters were declared to be cute, but a number of people felt like this was an adult version of Charlotte’s Web.

People who have read others in this series declared this one to be weaker than usual and a lot of us felt that it could have had a bunch of stuff, particularly the lectures, edited down.

Man, we’re an opinionated bunch!

Favorite characters were Flatface, the owl, the cats, Pewter in particular, the dog, and Cooper (the only human that made the list).

Least favorites were Toby, Rollie and Harry.

NOTE:  We’re beginning to commence to think about making up our reading list for next year, so any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Post a comment or send an e-mail!


2.5 stars