DakotaThis was the second book by Martha Grimes with the Andi Oliver character. Some members of our group made the effort of reading the first book in the series, Biting the Moon, just to try and understand the second. It didn’t really help. They found the animal abuse scenes very disturbing. Members of our group agreed that they know what happens in the meat production industry in this country, but they also don’t want to know.

So, Joan never finished this book. But, luckily, no one really liked it so she didn’t have to pull up pithy quotes and whatnot. Generally speaking, our group didn’t like it, didn’t finish it, or found it to be a vehicle for a heavy-handed political opinion.

That being said, everyone agreed that it was very well-written and that Ms. Grimes can indeed tell a story.

The mysteries of who Andi is, why someone is trying to kill her, and why someone is trying to get information from her are never cleared up and this book just seemed to add to those mysteries. It was a little disappointing to go through all that violence and not get much of a payoff.

Favorite characters were Andi, the donkey, and Dakota, the horse.

Least favorite characters were the Bailey family, particularly the brothers, Granger, and the Klavans.


2 stars