Christmas ThiefJust in time for the holiday season, we got to read this silly bit of seasonal fluff by the well-known mother/daughter writing team of Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark. 

The group found it to be funny, corny, light, very predictable, easy to read and entertaining.  Just what one wants during a busy time.

Everyone in this book is so goody goody and perfect. And the clichés abounded. We did wonder why some of the characters were even included in the story because they didn’t contribute anything. For instance, the mother, the daughter, and their respective partners. Just part of the excuse to get the whole annoying herd to Vermont.

Favorite characters – All of them, but Alvirah and Milo in particular. Joan wanted to be Milo. Especially when he was unconscious.

Least favorite characters – Milo, Packy, those busybodies Opal (called a twit) and Alvirah and Wayne the neighbor, who was declared to be a boob.

We didn’t spend much time on the book, but we did enjoy the milk and treats that people brought.

3 stars