BigBambooCoverBoy, this book polarized the group.  Four of us couldn’t even finish it, which really lowers the number of stars posted at the bottom.  The people who didn’t like it found it to be cornier that our Christmas season read, thought it jumped all over and found the slapstick humor annoying.  It was confusing and “just not my cup of tea.”

But on the other hand, quite a number of people enjoyed the book and gave it a pretty high rating.  Readers found it to be so dumb, but SO funny.

And then it turns out the Epilogue explained EVERYTHING.

Tim Dorsey is part of a group of Florida writers who have a reputation for writing wild and crazy novels, and Dorsey, and his fans, seem to have taken that reputation to extremes.

We discussed the main character in this series, Serge A. Storms, particularly how crazy and psychopathic he was.  We also found it interesting that Serge’s Wikipedia listing is longer than Dorsey’s.

Favorite characters were Serge and the actress Ally.

Least favorite were the Glick Brothers and “Tat”.


1.5 stars