Vanished SmileThis was a fascinating look at an event most of us didn’t know much about. It was also an interesting look at history, art, art theory, forgery, journalism, police investigation techniques, obsession, and greed.  Yeah, this book had it all, which is why it was we found it such fun.

We found it amazing just how easy it was to walk into the Louvre and walk out with something so precious as the Mona Lisa. Just incredible to think about.  We were also more than a little amazed at how rapturous people were/are about the Mona Lisa.

We found it very interesting how the author turned what was essentially a two column newspaper story into a book of 200+ words. Adding the history and background added so many layers to the story.

It was too bad we had a small turnout for this book because we all (to include drive-thru Valerie and a Johnny-Come-Lately, who shall remain nameless) really liked it. 

Pam brought some other books along the same lines, both fiction and non-fiction.


Loot – Aaron Elkins

The Art Forger – B.A. Shapiro


The Man Who Love Books Too Much – Allison Hoover Bartlett

The Forger’s Spell – Edward Dolnick

The Gardner Heist – Ulrich Boser

There’s not much on the author, who recently died, but there are pages and pages in Wikipedia on the Mona Lisa and Pam, who has seen her, agreed that the crowds at the Louvre are absurd and the painting really is a little thing.

Favorite characters – Mona Lisa, Apo

Least favorite – Picasso

A rather short meeting because the four of us agreed on everything and there wasn’t much to argue about.

4 stars