Creole BelleThough we were all a little dismayed by how many pages this book was, we found it to be very good and worth the effort and time.  Valerie was lucky enough to listen to the audio version of it, complete with accents and different voices for the different characters.  Was there even some singing?  She was so inspired, she baked us a King Cake.  It was very pretty….

There’s so much wonderful New Orleans atmosphere, with the fog,  the lightning, the food, and the bayou.  The story managed to incorporate both Nazi Germany and the Gulf coast’s recent history with Katrina and the oil well blow out.  The flavor of the area came through beautifully, though we all agreed that we didn’t really want to visit New Orleans.

Some of us got bogged down in the introspection and discussions about the nature of good and evil, life and death and general cussedness of people and we agreed that it was in these places where the book could be cut.  There were also an awful lot of characters.

But in general, we enjoyed it.

Joan wanted to know if Tee Jolie really called Dave.  Cue “Twilight Zone” music.  She was laughed out of the room.

Favorite characters – Clete, Dave, Arafina and Gretchen.

Least favorite – Varina LeBoeuf Dupree, Jesse LeBoeuf, Pierre Dupree, and Alexis Dupree. The greasiness of the Duprees just flew off the page.


3 stars