dog-on-it-cover-663x1024The group LOVED this book! A buddy detective story told from a dog’s point of view, we found Chet the Dog to be completely loveable. Author Spencer Quinn, the pen name for Peter Abrahams, did a TERRIFIC job of writing from a dog’s perspective. Hilarious, touching, confusing, and yet so DOG.

The only complaint we had was that there wasn’t much of a mystery, but most of us didn’t care because everything else was so fun.

We loved Chet’s catch phrases like “the next thing I knew”, when he did something impulsive, “my guys” when referring to other dogs, and “I felt a breeze behind me” when he suddenly realized his tail was wagging. All these doggy things really endeared Chet to us and some in our group reported talking differently to their own dogs because of him.

Truly, in Bernie’s case, DOG is his co-pilot! Oh, I crack myself up.

Favorite character – Chet, Bernie, Suzie

Least favorite – Damon Keefer, Leda, Gulagov, Boris, the vet.

5 stars

Oh, and I forgot to mention, someone picked up my report from last month on Creole Belle, translated it into Italian and put it on their website.  Check it out here!