MankellNot everyone in the group finished this book, but those that did, found the mystery compelling. We found the focus on a Cold War era incident interesting, but it was a slow slog to get to the resolution.  There were large chunks of narrative that we found unnecessary, meandering and even maudlin, though a reason for this is suggested at the end.  But at the end, we also felt that there were a lot of loose ends still hanging around and an annoying “oh well” attitude about it.

We found the Swedish names a little overwhelming, something we’ve encountered before in foreign mysteries.  But we did like the flavor those names and locations gave to the story.

Favorite characters – Wallander, even though he’s a meh. Sten Nordlander.  Fanny Karstrom, the waitress. Jussi, the poor, neglected dog.

Least favorite – Linda’s kind of a bitch, Mona can’t help herself, Håkan is off-putting,  and Hans is an ass.


2.5 stars