9 DragonsWe’re such an agreeable group.  If we like a book, we don’t have all that much to talk about.  And we really liked this book.

Joan was the only one who had any problem.  Being a police procedural, which is not her favorite, it took her awhile to get into it.  But once she did, she was swept along.

But she was also irked with how the author/narrator played her, much like the main character was played.  Les told her to get over it.  So she has.

We generally agreed that it was an exciting story, well-written with interesting characters and situation.  Hong Kong was much as it was remembered by one of our group who lived there in her teens.

Favorite Characters — We liked Bosch, likeable for all his flaws.  Sun Yee, who we learned was more likeable in this book than in previous ones in the series.  Joan liked Eleanor and wants to go back and read earlier books with her.  Chu, even though we had our suspicions about him.

Least favorite – Maddy, the annoying teenager.  We agreed, though, that her portrayal was very true to life.  Teenage girls are annoying and self-centered.  Li and his sister.  Ferras.  Lt. Gandle.

4.5 stars