naturegirl Carl Hiaasen sure knows how to write wild and crazy characters. Characters that are just awful. Characters with the oddest quirks and peculiarities. Characters you’ve just gotta love, in all their weirdness. The group discussed whether there were more odd people in Florida than anywhere else.  There sure seems to be a lot of writers writing about weird Florida people.

This isn’t a mystery as much as a hilarious romp in the Everglades. There’s no murder to solve – everyone knows how everyone dies and who did it. Okay, only one murder was by someone’s hand (hee!).

The following are questions from the book jacket which at least give the reader some direction.

  • Will Honey be able to make a mensch of a “greedhead”?
  • Will Fry be able to protect her from Piejack—and herself?
  • Will Sammy achieve his true Seminole self?
  • Will Eugenie ever get to the beach?
  • Will the Everglades survive the wild humans?

This is more of an event, or series of events, after which everyone’s lives are changed and they all go careening off in different directions from their original courses.

Characters are looking for answers and in most cases, find them, so that’s satisfying.

The group enjoyed this book and we had a fun time remembering some the awful things that happened it.

Favorite characters: Honey (The wacky Nature Girl), Eugenie (Joan LOVED that she giving her tongue stud to Fry), Fry (how cute and caring is he?), Sammy (poor guy, can NOT catch a break).

Least favorite – The dead tourist (just stay dead already and quit haunting people), creepy Piejack, and Boyd.  What a waste of skin.