PolicemanWe generally liked this book, but those who had listened to the audio version loved it.  They loved the accents and the audio seemed to bring out the humor.

The rest of us just liked it because it was compelling and entertaining.  And, surprisingly, none of us knew “who dunnit.”  I bet Les did, though.

We loved the whole Scotland thing, with the accents, the landscape, the weather, the food, and the general oddness.  It was probably the number of odd characters that kept us from figuring out which odd character had done it.

We found Hamish to be an interesting character, with a nice rich history of  imperfections.  But we agreed that the casting of Robert Carlyle as Hamish in the BBC series was off.  Not at all how we thought he should look.  We wanted him to be taller with redder hair, yet a little schlumpy.  Hamish is also quite the dawg with the ladies, schlump that he is.Carlyle







A few of us were irked by the way women were talked about and Joan had an issue with corruption in the police department.  It seems like there’s a lot of that in the mysteries we read.

This book was published in 2014 and while some members of the group have been reading M.C. Beaton for years, others of us have to get better acquainted with this author.  There are 30 books, just in this series.

Favorite characters – Hetty (sometimes, I love me some crazy), Dick (I love me a man who can cook), Hamish, Robbie Sinclair, the seer-type, and Shona.

Least favorite – Hetty because, whoa, too much crazy. The Johnson brothers (daft buggers), Blair, and Daviot.


Actually, the group gave this 3.75 stars.  But I can’t find a picture of that.