BigSilenceWhile reading this book, the group, almost universally, came to doubt their powers of observation and abilities to figure out who was who (whom?) and what was going on. In the end, however, we came to realize that it really was a confusing book, with many twists and turns and issues with identity, and we were NOT losing our faculties.

What a relief.

Because we really enjoyed this, even with the challenges we all experienced. The story was compelling, even with the familial convolutions, which the author himself later admitted were confusing and could have been clarified. Joan spent a solid two hours going through the whole book again, charting the who’s who (whom?).

We liked all the local color and enjoyed trying to put famous names and locations to many references and wondered who the author was alluding to. We appreciated the author’s ability to write about the wilds like someone who’s been there and sees that it is more than what most people see. Sees Nevada as it really is. Or rather, was. In many ways, things have changed since this was published in 1989. But “The Big Silence” hasn’t.

Favorite characters: Glory; Ross; Harkness; Spoon; Dolly, though she was kinda whacked.

Least Favorite: Hayes – creepy smart ass; Leon Whipple (?) – just creepy; Frederick.

4 stars