slayride_200It turns out that our book this month was NOT a mystery, but a thriller.  It was shelved in the Fiction section of the library and though there were dead bodies aplenty, we knew who was creating them.  A fine distinction.  And once again, we’ve got a good guy dealing with a corrupt boss. The genre needs a new schtick.

Also, though it’s billed as a holiday story, there’s no warm and fuzzy about it.  That’s been saved for NEXT month!

The group liked Grabenstein’s writing style — The short little chapters feel like cheating. You can just pop in for a quick dip and then stay as long or as short a time as you want because it’s very easy to get out.

Joan’s biggest problem with the book was that it made her antsy.  She was constantly getting up and getting something to eat. She was antsy because she did NOT like the bad guy, and the stuff he was doing was freaking her out.

BUT it was a compelling story and we had to keep reading to see just how bad it all got.  We were rather blown away by how awful Nicolai was.  His ability to hold onto a grudge, his need for revenge, and his elaborate schemes which fueled a need for lots of money were amazing..  Life held no value and he only seemed to get excited by a challenge.

Favorite characters – (Saint) Christopher Miller, Natalie Miller, Missy. Joan was kind of surprised that Natalie didn’t get hit by Kyznetsoff.  With his need for fear, she thought he’d whack her one with his gun at least once. Joan also wants to grow up to be like the cranky babushka aunt. Oh, wait…

Least favorite – Nicolai Kyznetsoff, Salva, Scott Wilkinson – geez, what a shit. Though he didn’t deserve the treatment he got. But still. Pompous little ass.

3 stars

Joan took half a star off for her weight gain.

Next month’s book, The Christmas Train by David Baldacci is much more warm and fuzzy.  We have lots of copies are available at the Spanish Springs Branch of the Washoe County Library.  Ask a librarian!