AvalancheThis was a fun read and the group really enjoyed it, as evidenced by the high ratings it was given.  Nothing terribly heavy duty about this, but it was an interesting mystery.

Joan initially thought the book was set in Alaska and couldn’t figure out why Bo didn’t call a snowmobile a “machine” and he didn’t know what a sno-cat was.  Eventually, however, she figured out that the story was set in the “wilds” of Idaho and things made much more sense.

It was a tricky mystery full of funny characters and lots of twists and turns.  Nothing too heavy duty here, just an entertaining read.  One of our group compared the author’s style to Robert B. Parker, with the pithy observations and funny sidekick.

Good fun, and lots of quirky characters.

Favorites – Bo, Dave, Hoot, Pap, Susan, the medical examiner

Least favorite – Deputy Herb, Grady, Blanche, Lindsay, the girl who was rescued, Blanche, Daisy,  Tom and Janice.

4 stars