HolmesThis month the Spanish Springs Mystery Book Club saddled up and headed for the wilds of Montana, where we met all manner of ornery and entertaining folk.

The group really liked this book.  The writing style was hilarious and compelled the reader to keep turning the pages, while the story was interesting and entertaining.  The gritty language made some homesick for Montana, while others (Pam!) did NOT like the maggots.  There weren’t THAT many maggots.

Again, we had a break from corrupt police departments and enjoyed another interesting look at class division and distinction.  This time, though, the British aristocracy looked down its snobby nose at the American working class and there was a division between two groups of cowhands.  Money was not the key to power – food and weapons made the leader.

Favorite characters – Big Red, Old Red, Brackwell (his costumes were hilarious), Crazymouth (Joan liked trying to figure out his Cockney slang), the Swede (we liked his comments), and Clara (so wonderfully devious).

Least favorite – The Duke (who put gambling ahead of everything), Edwards, Uli, Spider, Clara (who was declared to be a b**ch), and Boudreaux.


Okay, it was closer to 3.75 stars, but that’s not an easy graphic to find.