mmcover2-200x300This is NOT a previously unpublished Agatha Christie story.  It’s a new Hercule Poirot story by a new author written with the blessing of Ms. Christie’s estate.  I repeat, this is NOT an Agatha Christie story.

That said, who cares if someone took Hercule Poirot and set him to work on another case?  It’s a lovely mind bender of a puzzle that is sure to entertain fans and non-fans alike.

And, once again, the group surprised Joan – they loved this book.  Well, mostly.  One of our group couldn’t get past Chapter 3.  But on the whole, the group enjoyed this immensely.

The Christie style of writing is wordy and ponderous and as a reader, you have to pay attention to EVERYTHING that’s put in front of you if you want to have any chance of deciphering the problem.  That’s hard work.  Joan slogged through the book, determined to figure out the mystery.  She didn’t.  And she had to read the ending three times because the whole thing was so confusing and convoluted.

Others, however, found this story to be a nice change of pace.  Hercule Poirot is such a unique character.  He has no faults and manners are everything to him.  We talked about how awful Ida and Harriet were and the nature of small towns/villages.  This was set in the late 1920s, so there was even more insulation from the outer world and much more turning inward, in this case, in a very sour way.

Favorite characters – Fee (waitress), Margaret Ernst (graveyard watcher), Luca Lazzari (silly man), the doctor

Least favorite – Jennie, Ida, Harriet, Catchpool, what a big baby.  Poirot, what a pompous ass.

3 stars (1)