endangeredAn interesting look at so many things – environmentalism, bureaucracy, obsessive love of a mother, how siblings relate to each other.  A fun comparison of two very different families.

Joan also found it interesting that the book selections have moved away from corrupt policemen and to crazy mothers.  Nice change.

Some of us did have some issues with the writing.  For instance, while the rodeo parts were portrayed well, bull-dogging elk seemed unlikely seeing as how it was a season when the elk have no antlers.  The characters didn’t seem to be terribly well-rounded, but as this is part of a series, maybe it was assumed that a few brushstrokes would do.  The political stuff was declared to be a problem, and someone thought Joe could have been smarter.

That being said, we still overwhelming liked this book as evidenced by our rating below.

Big question — What happened to the birds of prey?

Favorite characters – Joe Picket – a nice balance of family man/game warden.  Joan loved his barely-contained fury.  Liv was declared to be spunky and “ferocious”.  The judge – reminded Joan of local Judge Mills Lane.  Brenda Cates.  She’s so wonderfully awful.  Her brushing Liv’s hair just made Joan’s stand up.  Nate and Joe’s wife Marybeth.

Least favorite characters – Dudley.  With a name like “Dudley,” you know not to like him.  Dallas.  Wentworth.  Ick, even though he was icky for love.  Brenda and her whole family.


4.5 stars1