prey25splashWe found this book to be wonderfully creepy.  While some didn’t finish it (or even start it), others really enjoyed it.  The bad guy was Manson-like and we were kind of horrified by the tenacity of his evil.  The depiction of multiple law enforcement agencies working together was declared to be accurate and our Wisconsin contingent liked reading about places they know.

While Joan enjoyed the book, she felt it was a little Keystone Kops-y, what with the running here and the running there.  But that, too, was said to be an accurate portrayal of the area.

But it was a compelling story.  Creepy bad guys are compelling and it was fascinating that in the end, Pilate’s identity was never fully discovered.  And really, he was just a figurehead Creepy Guy.  The women in the gang were mostly second class citizens and just tools to be used to maintain power, but interestingly enough, the brains behind the operation seemed to be Kristen, she of the pointy teeth.  Henry and Skye had a naive likeableness that made the reader sympathize with them, all the while wanting to smack them upside the head for being such dopes.

We found the depiction of the traveler culture interesting.  And while Letty’s actions made us crazy, we all understood the impulsiveness of the young.

Favorite characters –Laurent, Frisell, Lucas, Letty (feisty, though misguided), Pilate, Kristen, the law enforcement agencies, the fat clown.

Lease favorite – Pilate (ick), Kristen, Letty (a little too precocious for Joan’s taste), Lucas’s boss Sands, the gang.


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