keeperThis was one of those books that the group either loved or hated, so we had plenty to talk about.

We pretty much agreed that the characters were unlikable and the plot unlikely.  We objected to being manipulated.

Watching the dysfunction unfold was pretty entertaining, though, particularly for Byanka who felt that it captured the essence of the Southern California world.

Others waited for something good to happen and were disappointed.

We liked how the tension ratcheted up.  How the plot had surprising twists.  Selective head-hopping was good and timed well to add to the tension.  The interweaving of plot lines was well done, adding to the ebb and flow of action.  The impact of past events on the current events was well-presented and explained people’s characters.  And there were some really messed up characters, but they were doing the best they could with the tools they had.

Favorite character – Kat, though she was a messed up bitch, she was the most positive.  Ray.  I know, both sides.  But I liked his dedication to his art and to his vision, though in many ways it bit him in the ass.  The old Indian gentlemen.  Tom didn’t like any characters and Byanka like them all.

Least favorite character – Martin.  Slimy creep with no redeeming qualities.  Initially, Ray.  But by the end, he came off much more sympathetic.  Tom.  He seemed to bring out the worst in people.  Leigh’s dad — he was so cruel to Tom.  Esme.  Leigh — bad from the beginning

3 stars (1)