Ah, the Irish.

Byanka asked that we do a St. Patrick’s Day themed party for our March meeting.  And then she couldn’t make it!  The food was quite fine with people bringing Green Goddess dip and green vegetables, various green pastries, and “15s”, an Irish sweet mentioned in earlier Sean Duffy novels.  Joan had planned to bring Irish Soda Bread, but alas, was felled by the crud and didn’t make the meeting either.

And it’s a good thing, too.  She would have been overwhelmed by the group because she definitely had a minority opinion about this book.  Joan found it to be dreary and depressing.  She claims she started drinking more just reading this.

However, everyone else in the group really really really liked the book.  The group loved the humor and the irony.  They found it to be reasonable and realistic.  Meaty with a lot of intriguing plot to it.  They liked how real people were incorporated into the plot.

Favorite characters – Duffy, Lawson.  Smart, eager, cheeky, Tony, Crabbie, lady Finnish cop

Least favorite – All the pedophiles, Ek, Lasko, Twins, Beth, Payne, the forensic guy, Dalziel, Anthony, Spineles, Tony.  Used his history with Sean to no good.

While Joan gave this one (1) star, everyone else gave it five stars and wanted more.

We’re making a change to our book list.  In June, we were supposed to be discussing “Monuments Men” as our non-fiction selection.  But it’s awfully thick, so instead, we’re going to read “Midnight in Peking” by Paul French.