The group was pretty underwhelmed with our book this month.  It was described as “eh,” “average,” and “not that interesting”.  We felt the last quarter was filler tied to current events and the story fell apart at the end.  The characters were declared to be empty and kind of bland, and we felt there were plot holes galore.

Its one redeeming quality seemed to be that it was easy to read and so the torture didn’t last long, though one of us didn’t finish it because it wasn’t worth the effort.

It was a different writing style in that there wasn’t much in the way of description.  Just unattributed dialogue.  And then everything ends up peachy keen and perfect, which really annoyed people.

Favorite Characters– Bob the Dog, Joan, Fred, the necklace, the Female Supreme Court Nominee, Stone, the bed-hopping whore-man.  Nothing there, but he got things done.

Least Favorite – While one of our group said all of the characters were “blech”, others called out Harvey, the ex-husband, Stone, the thieves, Nicky, Carrie, and Bob the Dog, because he was fickle.  Joan was going to go back and re-visit the people who actually did the deed, but has now decided that it’s just not worth the energy.