Welcome to Mother’s Rest. <shiver of terror>

While the group found this to be a compelling read, we agreed that in the end, the subject matter was extremely distasteful.  Watching the story unfold, being in the minds of both the good guys and the bad guys, and looming question of just what the heck was going on kept us moving through the story.  But it was the last quarter of the book or so where most of us started to turn away in disgust.

We had a real problem with Jack Reacher, who does have has some sort of code of conduct, but his brand of vigilante justice operates so far outside the law, that he seems to be thisclose to being just like the bad guys.  We agreed that it was hard to care about the story when we didn’t care about the main character.  We found it very disturbing, seeing as how he doesn’t express remorse and feels he’s totally justified in his actions.

Favorite – Westwood, the journalist; Chang, who was called faithful; Keever; the waitress in the cafe; the maid at the motel; and Peters’ neighbor lady.

Least favorite – Everybody else; Reacher; the bad guys; the boss guy with the ironed jeans and blow-dried hair; Russian mob guy; the main gang; the Moynahan brothers.