A small group, to include a paper review, but we did have our opinions!

Some of us found this book less than memorable and had to be reminded of the story, while others loved it but thought it was too long.  It was declared to be a page-turner, yet a little slap dash.  Someone said that it felt as if the author, a psychologist, threw a couple of random cases together and made a book.

It had all the things we take issue with and/or find entertaining — psychological weirdness, creepy murderer, snobby girls, smarmy lawyers, bitchy ex-wives, prized pets being sent away to slaughter, eating and descriptions of food, and exotic dancers entertaining cops.  A lot to like or at least be entertained by.

And yet….

We didn’t understand the title.  And what’s with the maze on the cover of the book?  We didn’t think Alex contributed all that much to the investigation even though we were dealing with a serial killer.

Not a stunning recommendation, and yet we gave this book a lot of stars.  Except for someone, who shall remain nameless.

Favorite characters – Milo, the busty broad Kashmeer (Joan loved her antics in the interrogation room), Earl Cohen, Alex’s girlfriend, Kleffer, and the arrogant chef.

Least favorite characters – Creepy bad guy John Jensen Williams, Ursula, Corey, all the murderers, and the daughters