A rather mixed review for this.  Some people loved it and have read more by the author, while others either didn’t start it or didn’t finish it.  We lost Byanka with the title.

It was declared to be interesting, though oddly constructed.  While some liked the Catholic stuff, others were less enthused, particularly those who had grown up Catholic.  It also felt dated, though it came out in 2007.

We had a very interesting discussion about what we perceived to be Spike trying desperately to retain an old way of life.  There was an argument for the fact that this is how the rich live, but also an argument for the fact that long summer vacations at the lake are just not a thing any more, even for those can afford it.

But in general, we agreed that it was a fun read.  Light, no death, a little romance, interesting Catholic Church details.  Some declared them to be over done.  But since the author and the main character are priests, it seemed appropriate.

The setting was great and it was a nice summer read.  Makes Joan want to go away to a lake for a month! Joan also liked how Margaret referred to God as a she.  Fun!

Favorite – Joseph, Spike, Lady Anne, Blackie, Margaret, Loretta because she was so wonderfully awful.

Least favorite – Loretta, Blackie (people got very tired of “arguably”), Iggy, Spike (because he didn’t seem “real”), Consuela, Malachi (distasteful, name-dropping boob).