While we had a good turnout for the meeting, only three of us actually read this book all the way to the end.  It made for a rather lopsided discussion because we who finished it, liked it.

Mrs. Pollifax is a fascinating mix of grandmotherly and kick-ass determination, all set in a rather awful place and time. She’s reminded us of an edgy Miss Marple.

Joan had recently finished a Colin Cotterill, also set in Thailand, so there was a familiar atmosphere and language to this.  She particularly liked the two contrasting points of view, which added a sinister tint to things.

So many things are going on, from a coup, to smuggling, to kidnapping, to drug production, and running.  And threaded through it all is the theme of love, be it romantic, friendship, Buddhist, or familial.

At times we found Emily a little annoying, but that can happen when a reader spends too much time in a character’s head.  All that internal monologues usually slow the action down too much.

This book is full of angst and worry about the missing Cyrus, as would be expected.  But there are also some lovely sections where Emily just soaks in her experiences.  The meditation scene is particularly memorable.

Favorite characters – Bonchoo (I love his hat).  Emily, Cyrus, though we don’t really see him enough, the holy man.

Least favorite – Mornajay, with his mean shiny boots (he’s not really bad, he’s just drawn that way).

Please note that revisions have been made to the 2018 Reading List.  Out with Sandford and Grimes and in with Ed McBain and Jussi Adler-Olsen!