On the whole, the group liked this book, as evidenced by the number of stars given to it.  But someone (Joan!) didn’t finish it and someone else thought it was just “eh.”  Some found the scope broad and confusing, and thought that it bounced around a lot. While the map was helpful, it could have provided more detail and the overabundance of French words just created a lot of work for readers.

That being said, the group enjoyed the book and not all of them threw it against the wall (Joan!).

Favorite characters – Generally, there weren’t too many to choose from, but in the end, Aimée Leduc, even though she was called lawless criminal liar, Mademoiselle Léonie, and René Friant.

Least favorite characters – Jérôme Castaing, Dr. Severat, Professeur Benoît because of the way he stirred things up, and the illegal Haitians.