We had a great turnout for our meeting and we had a lively discussion about the book.  We tend to do that when we disagree.

The bottom line?  In this “cautionary tale of vigilante-ism” we found the plot to be an intriguing story which kept us intrigued and wanting to know what the motive for all the mayhem was.  It moved right along and kept the group engaged.  We enjoyed the police procedural aspect, though not all of us enjoyed the multiple points of view.

The sparseness of description and rapid-fire dialogue was appealing.  We liked the tension of the “will they figure it out in time” suspense, but some found the various backstories distracting.

On the other hand, while we thought the plot was good, the characters were found to be lacking.  First of all, it was confusing to have so many character names to remember.  Then, the characters weren’t developed terribly well.  We knew one thing about each character without much additional development.  They were declared to be flat and one-dimensional.

Audio was too jumpy and bouncy to enjoy and best selling point for listening to the book on audio was that it was only six hours long.

Favorite Characters – Reggie, Chuck, the librarian Sadie, Teddy, Ollie, the lead detective Carella.

Least Favorite Characters – It was kind of a “target rich environment.” Ollie, the victims, though some were disliked more than others, Chuck, the man Chuck’s mother left Chuck’s father for, the pimp/white slaver; the teacher victim; the mean girl; Cling – the guy with the black girlfriend.