You just never know what will tickle this group’s fancy.  Blood and gore?  Bring it!  We ain’t skeert!  Well, Joan felt like her brain cells had been tainted, but no one else did.

Rizzoli & Isles was just the thing the group wanted.  We thought this was a compelling story with well-developed characters.  We were fascinated by the symbology and the concepts of good and ancient evil.  We liked the multiple points of view, which amped up the tension considerably.  And then there was the idea of nurture vs. nature.  So many things going on in the plot.  And the amping up of tension was well-done.

We enjoyed the multiple threads of the murder investigation, and absolutely adored the family problems, which were HILARIOUS.  Then there was the love that shall not be spoken of.  All with a background of freezing hell of Boston.

Some things caught us by surprise (no spoilers here), but a careful reading revealed the clues.  Some of us read more carefully than others…

The description of Dominic surprised us, but as the alleged ancestor of an angel, it was probably to be expected.  The Hounds of Hell were a nice touch.

Joan’s biggest question was how Dominic got back and forth to Europe to torment Lily if there was no record of him anywhere.  This question really bothered her and made it a little more difficult to suspend her disbelief.

Most people didn’t care and are eager to read more by this author.  One is even starting at the beginning of the series.

Favorite characters – Lily Saul (resourceful), Mama Rizzoli (hilarious), Maura, Jane, Gabriel (the only nice person), Sansone (who was compared to Bruce Wayne)

Least – Dominic, Sansone (way too slick), Joyce O’Donnell, the phychiatrist, Lily (what a wuss!), Edwina