We had a most excellent turn-out — probably the biggest crowd to date.  We briefly pondered the terms “group” (as in therapy) and “coven” as they relate to our gathering before turning to Byanka’s cookies.  And the poor dear suffered through the meeting having read the wrong book!

On the whole, we liked this.  Turns out we have a few former models in the group so the fashion aspect of the book was appreciated.  But it was just that angle of the book that lost others.  Some felt the fashion details got old, quickly.

Some liked the book and want to read others by the author.  The classic “whodunit” was appreciated and declared to be a nice read for a snowy day.  But there were comments of it being”so so,” ho-hum,” and “all right.”

Favorite Characters – We generally weren’t terribly impressed with the characters and some of us didn’t get all that invested in them.  Alex was okay.  Mike was trying to do the right thing.  The two detectives.  Mercer, though details weren’t memorable.  When pressed, Mary Crowley’s name came up.  Tiz.  Even though she didn’t show up until the end, at least she was entertaining.  Mrs. Stafford and her scotch and pearls.  She was the only one who didn’t want anything in return.

Least Favorite Characters – Alex, for herself and for her ability to muck with an investigation. Hal, Mike, and Reed, seeing as how he was the reason for the money problems in the first place.  Wolf enabled everyone.  David, Lily’s husband.  The whole Savage family was rather unlikable.


We also had a brief discussion about the book coming in July, Little Shoes: The Sensational Depression-Era Murders That Became My Family’s Secret (see the sidebar).  Joan has requested the library order six (6) copies and the author will be coming to talk to us.