SPOILER ALERT — Some plot points might be revealed below.

We really enjoyed this book and unanimously agreed that it was an intriguing mystery, with interesting characters and a compelling story.  We found the concept of a female soldier with debilitating PTSD to be a fascinating concept and not something one usually sees.  Sadly, their stories are not heard frequently enough.  And then her investigative skills were so spot on.  But a question was raised early in our discussion as to WHY she was working so hard to solve the mystery when she already knew the truth.  To establish an alibi or discover the whys and wherefores?  But then again, if you’re constantly hearing the noise of battle, how sane can you be?

We liked Eddie getting his poop together and liked that his healing seemed to have been caused by Lily’s laughter.  We also liked Maya’s disconnect and observation of the world around her, but most of didn’t see it as a clue to what was really going on.

We had a bit of a discussion about the difference between the West Coast and the East Coast and how long-established families have a different attitude.  They have a long-established sense of entitlement and an almost rabid need to protect their names.  This is all a huge generalization, but interesting insight into why Joe’s family, particularly his mother, were the way they were.

The ending was a complete shocker to most of us.

Favorite – Maya — we empathized with her, but then at the end, felt we’d been played by her.  Shane, Eddie, Lily who saved Eddie from himself, Kierce, Joe, and the patriarch of Joe’s family who knew what Joe was and tried to protect the family from him.

Least Favorite – Joe and his family, Judith in particular; Kierce, the hairy detective; the servants who were tools to Joe’s family.