This was another one of those books that made Joan very twitchy because of the suspense.  And when she gets nervous, she eats cookies.  Lots of cookies.  But the group liked the way the author used suspense, implied violence, and misdirection.

That being said, we also felt manipulated by the author and felt like we were lead astray with misleads, blindsides, and the requirement to suspend our disbelief.  And in the end, we wanted to know WHY the bad guy just gave up.  There didn’t really seem to be a real reason to do it.

There were really so many interesting, well-rounded characters.  Even though this book is part of a series, and the characters have been around for a while, the author did a great job of presenting the reader with more than mere sketches.  Amelia Sachs seems to be being another one of those stereotypical female homicide detectives like Heat, Beckett, and Rizzoli & Isles.  Stunningly gorgeous, kick-ass detectives.

We liked the weaving of the multiple plot lines through the book.  Of particular interest was Amelia and her interaction with Nick, and Lincoln with his new intern.

We did get a little tired of Amelia driving around like a madwoman, though, even if the car was cool.

All in all, we enjoyed it.

Favorite characters – Rose, Sachs’ mom because she was least developed and therefore, had no flaws; Amelia, because she brought the team together and did amazing things; Archer; Lincoln who was kind of a brilliant ass, but he seems to have met his match in brilliance in Archer; Thom.  Everyone loves a man who cooks and serves drinks.

Least favorite characters – Sachs; Vernon, who was just sad; Alicia, Nick, the charming rogue