So. Many. Loose. Ends.

After an exciting start, which really caught our attentions with gems, jewels, murder, and mayhem, it was a long, slow, tea and scone-infused slide into cozy.  And annoying.

17 books.  Why are people still coming to Theo for help?  She’s just not that good at investigation.  She’s easily misdirected and distracted and is continually breaking the law.  The person behind the smash and grab isn’t even on her list of suspects.

During the smash and grab, some of us who hadn’t read prior books thought Haley was much younger, particularly because of the way Theo took care of her.  Like she was a child.  Who knew Haley was actually a genius chef who we all wanted to adopt?

The group found the story and mystery to blah and not very interesting.  The deaths were brushed off and the ending was downright horrible.

But Darla and George brought shortbread made from the book’s recipe, dyed green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s a truth universally acknowledged that good food makes a bad ending palatable.  We DID enjoy the lightweight, entertaining nature of the book, with all its food and tea, though it was unlikely that three different teas would be presented in one week — Not good business practice and it must have been exhausting.  We also liked visiting historic Charleston, even if it was a one-sided, high-end look.  The over-the-top characters were amusing and entertaining.

But back to the loose ends

  • Why did the academic crash the jewelry thing in the first place?
  • Why did Theo and Drayton snoop around the house of the guy she shipped the ice axe to?
  • Where were the thugs hiding between gigs?
  • Who WERE the thugs and why wasn’t THEIR sudden presence in town noted?
  • What about the dog?!?
  • Why didn’t she ever snoop around the rich people’s houses?
  • Why didn’t Drayton and Theo walk the brooch to that guy’s office themselves and just send it off willy nilly with Haley?
  • What was the point of the Fire Garden, especially seeing as how they had initially talked of going to the yacht harbor?
  • Lots of women business owners, and yet, only a man could be behind the smash and grab.

Very much a love letter to Charleston, which makes Joan want to visit it.  Once.  She hopes she doesn’t run into Theo.

Favorite characters:  Drayton, Haley – We all wanted her to cook for us.  Theo, Luke and Sabrina (the yacht sales couple), Detective Tidwell.

Least favorite characters: Theodosia, Delaine, Grace, both FBI guys.