Weelllll…  The biggest selling point about this book was the fact that it WASN’T a cozy.  And yet, because it was well along in the series, there were a lot of existing characters.  Many felt there were too many people to keep track of AND there was added annoyance of some of the characters having multiple names.  Then there was too much detail, until there wasn’t enough.

The group’s mixed feelings and reactions were along the lines of “Alright, not great.”  “Not compelling.”  “Better than the cozies.”  “Blech.”  “<shrug> <sigh>”.

The main characters were interesting with fascinating hobbies and houses.  Sharon McCone may be a lil ol’ P.I., but DAMN!  Girl’s got some real estate!  Hy was interesting, with a lot of character and depth, while McCone came off a titch whiny.

The multiple story lines kept us interested, mostly.  But we didn’t find the latter part of the book as compelling.  It was interesting to see how the past history of the characters resulted in modern results and how karma took its sweet time catching up to people, but it made for a good story and good mystery.  Joan enjoyed flying around and the question of “nurture vs. nature.”

While we liked the angst and marital conflict between Hy and McCone, we didn’t find it believable.  And we have some BIG questions about the fate of the bad guy.

Favorite characters – Hy, though we couldn’t figure out why such a goody-two-shoes was in business with two such awful men, the airplane and aviation aspects; Mick, the nephew; the staff in McCone’s office; the cats on the fence; McCone; and the guy who was obsessed with his charts.

Least favorite characters – Kessell/Tyne and Gage were declared to be icky, leaving behind an underlying film of evil. Chad.  Hy.